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Water damage

Water Damage Sources

  • Broken Appliance
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Flooding
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Frozen Burst Pipes
  • Heavy Rain
  • Ice Dams
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Leaking Roof
  • Melting Snow
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Sewer Backup
  • Sump Pump Backup
Water Damage

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Finding water collecting where it is not supposed to can create a real issue in your home.

If you are currently experiencing water damage in your home, here is a list of things for you to do immediately from finding unwanted water, making an insurance claim if necessary, to getting expert service done right.

Leaking Refrigerator
Water Cleanup
Frozen Burst Pipe

Locate The Water Source

So you noticed you have a water leak, flooding, or water backup in your home where it should not be. We will want to move quickly as possible to limit the severity of any damage to the surrounding area. Do your best to follow the flow of the water and figure out where the pressure is forcing the water out from.

Turn Off Your Water Supply

Depending on the source of the water damage there are a few things to check. If your appliance is leaking such as your toilet, sink, washer, refrigerator, or water heater, find your supply line and turn the valve off. In case you find a leaky pipe you can patch it, pipe tape it, or use a plumber’s putty with a pipe clamp temporarily until you call a plumber. Turn off your main water supply if your pipe burst and call a water damage cleanup company if your walls, floor, or carpet are soaked.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

More often than not, your homeowners insurance will cover residential water damage as long as it’s not by fault of your own. Note that flood damage is another type of coverage. Go ahead and call your insurance agent if the damage is severe enough and let them know about the water damage and schedule an inspection to assess the losses. They will ask you if you have a water damage restoration company that you have called or give you a referral. Dealing with your insurance company through out the mitigation, cleanup, restoration, repair, and reconstruction process can be kind of a pain so make sure your restoration company can handle it for you.

Schedule Your Water Damage Assessment

Experiencing an emergency situation it is vital to address the problem at hand as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to call your local water damage experts. If the water damage is not that severe and you prefer not to use your insurance coverage, companies like HCR can always come to you and assess the damage and give you an estimate to help you determine if you want to make a claim. You will want to describe the following: Where the incident occurred. When the water source accident occurred. If you smell any odors. Damaged belongings. HCR or another expert can further address any questions based on your specific situation.

Stay In A Safe Environment

Once you have assessed the damage if you are looking to investigate further the area yourself, make sure to wear the proper protective gear. For example, if your basement has flooded, experienced sewage backup, or a sump pump backup you will want to wear rubber boots because the water may contain waterborne bacteria. In many cases, for safety precautions, you will want to turn off the electricity in areas of your residence. In a situation where the water damage occurred a few days ago, you will want to wear protective masks as mold spores have begun to grow.

Document Your Water Damaged Property

It is very important that if you do decide to make a water damage insurance claim that you take pictures, videos, and notes of everything that has been damaged that is not salvageable. You can place all of the documents property into a digital folder and share this with your insurance agent.  This includes your personal belongings such as appliances, furniture, electronics, and clothing. You will also want to account for your residential elements like the ceiling, walls, and floor. If you are unable to assess want is salvageable your water damage technicians will be able to assist you in all types property loss.

Keep Your Point Of Contact Available For Updates

When you are working with your water damage technician it’s important to have a main point of contact available during the time the water damage cleanup process is in place. You can establish a time that is best to be contacted but make sure if you have a second point of contact that you make your expert aware just in case. The mitigation, cleanup, and restoration process is a 24/7 procedure. So it is important that if there are updates about your residence, an estimate, or claim that you can be available to discuss steps further.

Check With Your Agent For Coverage Details

After the property has been assessed, an estimate has been given, and your agent and water damage technician have began communication. You are free to go about your regular schedule. Along the way, your water damage expert will guide you in terms of salvageable belongings, conditions, the day by day process, the proper equipment, and necessary resources to get your residence back to pre-loss. Sometimes it can be a headache to get ahold of your agent about your coverage so make sure to ask your water damage expert for help here.

Ensure All Drying Equipment Is Running 24/7

One of the most crucial elements during the entire process is mitigation. The air movers and dehumidifiers speed up the drying process and you want to circulate as much air volume as possible. HCR knows exactly where to set up the equipment so that it creates crosscurrents through out water-damaged areas. It may be tempting to unplug the equipment but allowing the areas to dry, it will save more time to move into the cleanup and sanitization process.

Specialized Cleanup & Sanitization

As everything is thoroughly dry, HCR will begin the cleanup procedure. We sanitize every single surface and porous materials with proper techniques and antimicrobial products. Air scrubbers restore a fresh atmosphere, after a deep steam cleaning your carpet comes back to life looking new, and many wet belongings can often be recovered without our specialized cleaning practices.

Restoration and Reconstruction

Now it’s time to repair and rebuild. Parts of your ceiling, walls, or floor have been stripped from the water damage. It’s time to finish the job and restore your property to it’s original condition. From minor jobs to large projects you may want to do it yourself, but we recommend letting us step in. As your local experts, we partner with many of the local material companies and with better prices for us means better prices for you. Save the time, money, and headache by choosing HCR.

Water Damage Pre-Loss Conditions

Deep breathe in, deep breathe out. Finally, it’s been a few days, a week, or maybe a little more depending on the water damage severity. BUT, you finally have your healthy home back in a magical environment you can call your own. No mess, no headache, not even a single concern. All because you chose the right professionals to handle what they know best. Pat yourself on the back for making the right choice and feel free to gloat (refer) your property restoration team.

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4. Mitigate

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5. Restore

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6. Reconstruct

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Our Water Damage Restoration Services
in Southeastern, WI

The best water damage restoration services are extensive. Neither two water damage cases are alike,
and you deserve a team that can address all your concerns with premier expertise.

Fortunately, we’re here to provide a variety of water damage restoration services for Southeastern Wisconsin clients, including the following:

Emergency Services

  • Rapid Response Mobilization
  • Water Damage Assessment
  • Leak Detection (burst pipes & plumbing leaks)
  • Moisture Mapping
  • Structural Stabilization
  • Emergency Board Up
  • Water Extraction & Drying
  • Residential Water Restoration
  • Commercial Water Restoration
  • Flood Cleanup for Basements
  • Flood Cleanup for Crawl Spaces
  • Water Cleanup for Overflowing Appliances
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Biohazard Cleanup
  • Applied Structural Drying

Personal Property Cleanout

  • HCR will document your space experiencing flood damage in our industry-leading insurance claim estimating software called Xactimate.
  • We clean and move out your property’s water-damaged belongings, including everything from furniture, appliances, carpet, padding, upholstery, drapes, bedding, clothing, and more.
  • Our experts provide professional cleaning for all your appliances.
  • We clean every space from shelving, bookshelves, light fixtures, and furnishings.
  • We move out and either recycle or dispose of all property contents that are not salveable.

Restoration & Reconstruction

  • Sanitization and Disinfection
  • Odor Removal
  • Carpet and Padding Removal and Replacement
  • Baseboard and Trim Removal and Replacement
  • Fixture Removal and Replacement
  • Damaged Wood Floors Removal and Replacement
  • Drywall Repair and Restoration
  • Structural Repair and Restoration
  • Complete Water Damage Restoration
  • Mold Removal and Remediation
  • Final wipe down ready for use

Client Reviews

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5/5 based on our client reviews

Highly recommend HCR to anyone in need of restoration!

I had a bad sewer backup in my basement caused by roots in my sewer pipe which flooded my whole basement with about 3″ of sewage and water. I called HCR and I was completely satisfied with the job that Harrison’s did at my home.

Tom L.

Harrison's goes the extra mile for you

After a late-night plumbing issue. Mike came and immediately addressed the issue. He continued to be extremely helpful through the cleanup, insurance claim, and restoration process. Mike is very knowledgeable and reliable.

Amanda K.

Quality work was top notch

Michael (the owner) was great to work with. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and uses state-of-the-art drying equipment. He took care of us after a bad storm and a sump pump issue caused basement flooding. He worked directly with the insurance company which was not easy to deal with. I highly recommend Harrison’s for your restoration needs.

Warren L.

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Three Types of
Water Damage Categories

Category 1: Clean Water

Clean water does not pose a substantial threat to people. But if left untreated can be re-classified as category two or category three.

  • An example of this would be an overflow from a sink, tub, or water line supply. This usually involves a water supply line malfunction.

Category 2: Grey Water

This source usually contains chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that can cause people illness when consumed or exposed. Also, if left untreated this can be re-classified as category three.

  • This usually involves toilet bowls with urine, sump pump failures, essentially water carrying micro-organisms and nutrients of micro-organisms.

Category 3: Black Water

This is the worst type and is very unsanitary that contains harmful bacteria and fungi that can cause severe discomfort or sickness.

  • Black water involves sewage, seawater, water from rivers or streams, storm surge, ground surface water, or standing water.

Four Types of Water Classes

Class 1

The least harmful form of water damage. It affects part of a room with low-permeance or low-porosity materials otherwise known as absorbing little moisture.

Class 2

An increased form of water damage. An entire room’s flooring has absorbed a significant amount of water including water-wicking up walls usually less than 24 inches.

Class 3

A severe form of water damage. Virtually the entire room is affected, including flooring, walls, and ceiling. The materials usually affected are carpet, pad, drywall, insulation, subflooring, and framing structure.

Class 4

Requires special water restoration procedures. This type of damage would include hardwood, subfloor, concrete, brick, stone plaster, crawlspaces and other semi to non-porous materials.

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